Buy Second-Hand Clothes and Shoes Wholesale


Now you have the opportunity to buy amazing Second-Hand Clothes and Shoes Wholesale here at Jiangyin Bowell. We are London’s largest supplier of used clothes and shoes. Our exporters work worldwide and can make several containers per month. We maintain perfect quality control and only export Grade A used clothes and shoes.

With more than 30 years of expertise in used clothing, recycled clothing, and worn clothing, we proudly serve global buyers. Our system of logistics is something to be fond of, and we sell Used Clothes for Sale in London at fair prices.

Used Clothes Wholesale

For people who prefer beautiful used clothes over expensive designer dresses, we have several types of second-hand apparel. Ranging from small or large, we have multiple sizes available. Not just do we sell women’s and men’s jeans, but we have shirts, dresses, and cultural attires.

We provide a wide variety of Used Clothes UK, second-hand apparel for men, women, and children. We are wholesalers with extra luxury clothing for markets and retailers.

Our shoes are a mix of all sizes, starting from big, small, medium, etc. We export men’s sports shoes, men’s leather shoes, and men’s casual shoes. Moreover, we have women’s sports shoes, women’s casual shoes, kids’ shoes, and high-heel shoes. Our platform shoes and other lady styles footwear are of high quality. We aim to match the overall elegance and brand shoes.

How Do We Sort Used Clothes’ Bale?

Our suppliers at Jiangyin Bowell are experts in processing, recycling, and sorting unwanted clothing and shoes. So, we properly organize each batch of Used Clothes for Sale in London and other countries throughout Europe that make up our most significant markets.

Wholesale Second Hand Apparel for sale

At our warehouse, we wrap and sort all our used clothing bales. So, before packaging our goods, we go through the following procedure:

Step 1: We gather all the second-hand apparel and shoes that people no longer need in our country.

Step 2: Secondly, we categorize to make sure the highest quality of our products. We begin with categorization and examining garments numerous times. This is done after inspecting the original clothing bags.

Step 3: The packing comes after treatment and classification. Then we pack the product in huge plastic bags, 30KG to 500KG bales. The shoes are shipped in the same plastic bags of specific weight as per the order.

Step 4: Delivery/Selling in the world’s market where we deliver the packages.

We are specialists in the wholesale selling and export of quality products, i.e., used clothing and products. Our first goal is to please our customers and sell them the right quality. We have many years of experience in the used clothing export business.

We are one of London’s major used clothing suppliers. If you want to purchase some of our used clothing, we will schedule your order for a monthly shipment. For people who wish to bulk buying of these clothes, we serve them our quality products 24/7.